Manage your federal income tax more effectively! When entering your income and tax information into Speedy Tax Calculator, make sure you enter your information correctly, so that you can determine the amount of your refund, or how much you will owe after the end of the year.

You will now be able to manage your federal income tax withholdings more effectively, making sure enough federal tax is being withheld from each check, so that you won't owe additional federal taxes after the end of the year. You can also calculate how much you can reduce the amount of federal taxes currently being withheld per check and still get a refund! Click the link below, to download Speedy Tax Calculator!


Tax returns can not be completed with Speedy Tax Calculator, as it only aids in estimating how much your federal income tax return will be, or how much you will owe. Speedy Tax Calculator for 2017 estimates federal income tax refunds, or how much will be owed for those who take their standard deduction when filing tax returns (verses itemizing deductions). In addition Speedy Tax Calculator only estimates federal income tax for those who have been covered by qualified health insurance for the entire year. Speedy Tax Calculator estimates federal income tax obligation in accordance with IRS forms and instructions., parent company, World Net Enterprises, Inc., and any of its officers and employees will not be held liable for direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from the use of Speedy Tax Calculator. The user must assume responsibility as to the correctness and appropriateness of any and all amounts entered and results produced. Please note that tax estimates can vary if you and/or your spouse are 65 or older, if you and/or your spouse are permanently blind, or if you qualify for "earned income credit”. Results from different tax programs can vary slightly, depending on whether numbers are rounded to the nearest dollar, or calculated to the penny, as does Speedy Tax Calculator. Clicking the button below to download Speedy Tax Calculator signifies that you agree to these terms and conditions.

MICROSOFT EXCEL REQUIRED: You must have Microsoft Excel installed on your device to open Speedy Tax Calculator. Please note that this downloadable Excel version works best on desktop computers and tablets, however, will work on mobile devices, but you must tap each required entry, then click "edit" to make changes. If you don't have Excel installed on your device, Microsoft offers a free version. Click here to install. We will release a website version that does not require Excel, soon after the new tax reform bill is or is not passed by congress.

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